Auckland Rental Prices Inch Up Again, But Upward Trend Could Ease In Coming Months

It appears that the number will be more than 200,000. These people may not all be able to buy a property immediately if they are legally allowed to. However, prices will rise again if the cycle stops falling.

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If you live with other tenants, you all have to pay any rent owed. You must continue to rent, even if the landlord isn’t doing their job properly. Check out the Tenancy Services website to learn more about the rental market, which is what renters usually pay in certain areas. Goodall stated that rental investment demand will continue to decline due to inflationary pressures. Nick Goodall, CoreLogic’s head of research, expected that the nationwide slide would continue because of rising interest rates as well as the cost of living. When you confirm that the property is right for you, the developer pays us a commission.

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“Taranaki, Hawke’s Bay, and Nelson/Tasman experienced the largest drops when compared to the same month of 2021. Lloyd stated that there was a 12 percent drop in supply year-over-year, with the greatest drops being seen in Nelson/Tasman, Canterbury, and Bay of Plenty. Geordie Rogers, Renters United president, said it’s positive news but it still isn’t “a luxury zone yet” for tenants. “At the end of the day, can’t expect the rents to be climbing the way that they are, I don’t think they are sustainable.” Historically, furnished properties have received higher rents than unfurnished properties. The agent who organised our tenancy said we were chosen because we could move in immediately (but to be fair, there were only two other people at the viewing so there wasn’t much competition to begin with).

Trade Me figures show a record high supply of properties nationwide, combined with a drop in demand for rentals. Rents are showing a slight decrease due to an influx of available rental stock, competition of vacant properties across Auckland, and landlords wanting to fill their properties faster. Many landlords report it is progressively harder to find good tenants, reflected in their desire to keep their current tenants rather than seek new ones. As a result of rising interest cost, we expected to see an influx of investors increasing the rents across their portfolios over the next year. This number has dropped to an all-time low of 5.7% since June 2021, with only 5.7% looking to increase their rent.

It is a good idea to look around when looking for a rental property. The cost of renting a property varies depending on its quality, location, and size. A tenancy agreement is required to rent a property. You have two options when looking for rental property: periodic or fixed-term agreements. The likelihood of a housing market crash had not increased due to the strength of the job market, he said. Auckland’s prices have fallen by 4.9 percent for the past three months, more than double the national quarterly rate.

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  • You can see sales volumes by focus, average sale price per focus area, sales volume by number of bedrooms, average price by price range, and median prices for July 2022. Her property manager says that rental units priced at $600 per week are being left vacant and that landlords are being forced to lower rents by the same amount as they would normally increase. Auckland’s real estate company manages approximately 17,000 rentals. Nearly 500 are available. “It’s not massive, it’s not like there are empty houses all over Auckland,” Barfoot says, “but it’s definitely slightly higher than it would’ve been a year ago.”

    But in New Zealand, it is becoming harder and harder for many families to even come close to this ratio of income to rent. News reports about Wellington shortage are still common, as is anecdotal evidence as a Wellington investor. Rents are rising well above the equilibrium of 23%of average income, reaching 26% in November 2020. New Zealand has laws that protect you from paying more than you should, and ensure your house is comfortable, clean and safe.

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