Are Free Lottery Systems Worth It?

There are free lottery systems that, if you pay for them, will give you a 97% chance to win every time you play. These are offered to people by various lottery corporations in an attempt to get more people to play the lottery in their company’s name. However, is this true? Is it worth spending money on an internet company to get a win? Read on to see if you should use these free lottery systems.

Here is a question that you need to ask yourself: Are the free lottery systems being sold really worth it? Here is the answer.

Yes, they are quite good and quite easy to do. If you want to win the lottery, you need to do a little research and spend some time studying the game. If you do, you will find that the lottery is not nearly as random as you might think.

70% of callers to my daily lottery number pick (5-favorite + 1-of-the-dogs) games tell me they have purchased my system and my book, the other 30% tell me that they have not purchased it. When you think about it, those numbers would be coming up quite often if people truly WANTS to win!

My first customer that stood by my system and tempo claimed that he WANTS to win and was determined to find a way to predict the future. By the time he learned how, he letting me know that he would never spend the 10 minutes necessary to learn how. Clearly, he did not put as much effort into learning how and missed out on a lot.

Another guy that I previously let down and never really went back did the same thing. And when I issued a challenge and asked him to give me three picks that would beat him, he could not pick just 3.

So clearly, these guys were not using systems and looking at winning the pick 3 drawing. They knew that there was no real system that would predict the exact winning Pick 3 number, but they had a good idea and in the case of the last guy, they were right.

The whole reason that Pick 3 is so difficult to win is because of all the boxes that are three numbers deep. When you play 3 numbers, you have to combine all three to win and if you mess with the combination, you may win some of the deeper ones, but you will never win a box that is three numbers deep.

The number that he picked was 220. There are 72 numbers that are not equal to each other in the first place and they are distributed 69-36-1. So he got that result by looking atsecutive numbers in the first column and multiplying them together.

Not looking at winning numbers at all is only going to uncover numbers that are not paying out and this guy was only paying attention to a wrong conclusion.

If you let this type of situation pass you, you are as good as cleaning yourself out. The money you spend on these free lottery systems is well spent. However, if you are going to win anyway, it doesn’t matter if you spend the money or not. You are going to win, it was just a matter of who was going to win and by how much or not, but now you have the information you need and the numbers to go out and find your own way to win.